So how did the Mizar perform while using it day to day with a little gaming in between? Well for me the most important thing in a mouse for me is comfort. Sadly, this is subjective because it depends on how you hold your mouse and how your hand is shaped. The first thing I noticed is that the Mizar isn’t much taller than the Sensei that I use day to day but the way that it ramps up from the back of the mouse to the middle is more aggressive. This made the mouse feel too tall, even for my large hands. When I sit my hand on the mouse naturally it wants to push forward and slip out of my hand. Looking closer at the profile I noticed that the peak of the arch is actually just behind the DPI buttons, far forward of where the peak of my palm is. If you hold the Mizar with a claw grip this works out though because you are holding your palm up off the mouse and it doesn’t push forward. It doesn’t help that the Mizar is extremely light weight as well.

Using it day to day, once I adjusted to the shape I found it comfortable and in a lot of ways very similar to the Deathadder. I didn’t have any weird cramps or other comfort issues although like I said I would prefer it fit my palm better. The scroll wheel on the Mizar has its rubber finish giving me good traction on it when scrolling. If you use a light touch on it you will hear the notches more than if you push on it but in both cases it was still quieter than the Sensei with its loud click.

The switches Cooler Master went with on the Mizar seem fairly standard but the two main buttons they seem a little louder. I think this is related to the plastic used on the Mizar’s casing. Both triggers work well and are extremely comfortable. The wider front shape to the Mizar helps as well, you have a lot of room to move your fingers around while still staying on the triggers. The location of the two side buttons is almost spot on for the old Intellimouse shape but the buttons seem a little to recessed for my taste. They are far enough up as it is where you shouldn’t have issues with bumping into them but they still set them far enough back compared to the rubber side that you have to really push to get to them.

When it comes to tracking and sensor performance there were no surprises as well. Cooler Master went with a really standard sensor in the Pixart 9800. This has basically been the go-to sensor for laser mice for a few years now. It isn’t perfect, there is a small acceleration issue, especially on soft mouse pads. With the focus being on making the Mizar a modern old style mouse I’m shocked they went laser at all really. A lot of what people like about the Intellimouse is its sensor. Going with a high quality optical sensor would have been a better fit overall.

The other thing that really stood out to me when using the Mizar was the odd decisions they made with the lighting. Personally, I don’t care if my mouse has an RGB sensor, but if it does I prefer that I be able to set it to perfectly match all of my other devices. Cooler Master only went with 7 colors for the Mizar leaving out a full color spectrum option. Even odder though was the decision to use a white LED on the scroll wheel then the RGB on the palm. Making things even worse, the white option doesn’t match, the RGB sensors white has a lot of blue in it and it stands out when so close to a full white LED.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36284 18 Feb 2015 18:16
I hope everyone has been staying warm. Before I get into LAN prep mode for our trip this weekend I did get a chance to check out the Mizar from Cooler Master. Check it out!

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