Overall/Final Verdict

For a mid-sized case coming from a company that I am not that familiar with, I will say that I really enjoyed setting up a system in the Challenger. It features a unique design and plenty of versatility packed into to the case. The installation was very easy and you can tell that the engineers had ease of installation in mind when designing this case. There is enough expansion of the cooling that you can do to keep even the hottest of components cool, including the ability for water cooling. Also adding in the external SATA drive connector at the top of the case was a very nice touch. Everything from the magnetic fan filters to the tool less hard drive brackets are very nice features to have in a case at this price point. I also felt that there was still a lot of room for working inside the case without things getting in my way. The adjustable hard drive bracket is a great idea for those who have very long graphics cards. I believe is an attractive package for someone looking for a mid-tower case. Whether or not you like the theme and look, this case is bound to turn heads by anyone passing it by. I will deem this case with the recommended LanOC title. 


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Author: Myndmelt

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