The inside of the case shows a decent amount of room for installing your components. One thing I really like is the tool-less hard drive brackets, and the flexibility for different sized drives. You also have a tool-less system for securing the 5.25 drives which is also very nice. The plastic hard drive brackets and locks for the 5.25 drives match the orange theme on the front of the case. There are several holes for cable management also there is a large cutout to make it easy to upgrade/replace your CPU.

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Here is a closer look at the 5.25 drive locks. They have a unique design that fits in with the pilot switch style cover for the power button.

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You can install up to seven 3.5" hard drives. This is the standard setup for the drive cages, which allows for the most 3.5" hard drives however in this configuration your video card may not fit if you have an extra-long card. You can fit up to a 300mm length card in this configuration. If you have 2.5 inch hard drives that you would like to use, you simply remove two screws from the left side of the bracket, then reinstall the bracket on at the 2.5" position. It's very easy to switch the configuration. Once in that configuration you can install up to a 330mm length video card. If needed you could totally remove the entire bracket which would allow up to a 400mm length graphics card. 

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On the rear of the case you can see the included 120mm fan. The orange Cougar brand fan matches with the orange and black theme of the Challenger.

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