Over the last couple years Cougar has started rising in popularity, due mainly to their case fan lineup.  Recently the German company has expanded their line of PC Cases to new horizons. There are many options for PC enthusiasts that are looking for a new home for their components. The mid tower is one of the most popular form factors, since you have a nice balance between the size and weight of the case. Today we are going to take a look at the Challenger case from Cougar. The case has a pilot theme, which is urging you to flip the missile switch and unleash havoc on your enemies. Let's see how the Challenger stacks up against it's competition. 

Product Name: Cougar Challenger

Product Sample Provided by: Cougar

Written by: Ryan Croussore

Pictures by: Ryan Croussore



Case Type

Middle Tower

Motherboard Type

Micro ATX / ATX



5.25" Drive Bay

3 Exposed

3.5" Drive Bay

1 Exposed & 7 Hidden

2.5" Drive Bay

3 Hidden ( converted from 3.5' 'drive bays )

External  3.5' '  & 2.5' '  HDD/SSD Hot-swap


Maximum 3.5' '  HDDs  Install led Quantity


Maximum 2.5' '  HDDs / SSDs  Install led Quantity


I/O Panel

USB3.0 x 2 (  internal  ),  Mic x 1,  Audio x 1

Cooling System


Max Install led : 7pcs Fans


120mm Fans x 2 / 140mm Fans x 2 / 200mm Fan x 1


120mm Fans x 2 / 140mm Fans x 2 / 180mm Fan x 1 / 200mm Fan x 1


120mm Fan x 1


120mm Fan x 1 / 140mm Fan x 1

Left Side

120mm Fan x 1 / 140mm Fan x 1

COUGAR 200mm Red LED Fan (front)

1 ( pre-install led )

COUGAR 120mm Turbine Fan (rear)

1 ( pre-install led )

Expansion Slots


Maximum Graphics Cards Length


Power Supply

Standard ATX PS2 ( optional )

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