The Challenger case comes in a standard box with black design and text on the box. On the front you will see a design of the front of the Challenger case.  On the front you see the Cougar Germany logo as well as a huge section in the middle of the box letting you know that the Challenger "Midi Tower" is contained within.

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On the back of the box you see a diagram of the Challenger case, along with a list of features. It also shows you how you can change the drive cage hardware inside of the case to allow for video cards of different lengths. Along the bottom you will see a link to their website as well as some links to their online social media pages. 

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On the left side you will see the product number, color, and a design of the case. Below that there is a listing of all the specifications. 

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After opening the box you see the Challenger case is packaged with the front of the case towards the top of the box. Two molded Styrofoam pieces help keep everything in place within the box. The case it's contained in a plastic bag just to make sure there are no elements reaching the case before you do. 

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