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The Snow Editions colors will get your attention and I think anyone who looks into the details of the Level 10 GT will be impressed. Thermaltake went over the top when implementing details like the wire management, the wiring for the hard drives, and how the door fan doesn’t have to be unplugged when removing the door. The style of the case is going to be very polarizing, some people aren’t going to like it because it is different enough from a standard case, but for that same reason there are going to be people who love it. You don’t have to worry though; Thermaltake did everything short of bolting it to your desk to prevent anyone from taking it or your components. My only real complaint about it is the amount of plastic used in the case design, but in order for them to break out of the box design and keep the price well below the cost of the original it’s the only option. If you like its style I would highly recommend the Level 10 GT and the Level 10 GT Snow Edition. You are going to be hard pressed to find anything better.

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For the last day of case week and the last work day before Christmas I give you a little snow!

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