With half of the case being made out of mesh I wasn’t surprised when the Level 10 GT wasn’t silent but the noise output wasn’t anything more than should be expected. If you are looking for it to be quieter the fan controller can also turn the fan speed down and reach silent or near silent levels. Even at lower speeds the case has more than adequate cooling but with everything turned up there is no way you will have to worry about things heating up.

The Level 10 GT is packed full of features like the multi-color LED lighting controlled by the LED button on top of the case.  Even more impressive, and the basis for this article, is the cases security features. The locks and the cable locks on the rear of the case mean short of someone walking off with the entire PC there is no way anyone is going to snatch any of the pocket able parts of your PC.

I spoke about the top handle before but any one of our LAN staff who helped moved our original Level 10 would attest to how difficult it was to carry. Not only was it heavy but the metal “feet” on the bottom could hurt your leg easily. The redesigned Level 10 GT is much easier to carry and a perfect compromise between a large case that is difficult to carry and a small portable case.

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