titleIn order to break out of the normal mold NZXT took a different route than the other manufactures and paired up with PC Modder/Builder Craig Brugger (craigbru). Together they worked together to design the Phantom. The Phantom quickly became a popular case with both enthusiasts and case modders. Soon after, a white and black version was introduced, starting the trend of different color cases. When one of our members came across an orange and black version I couldn’t help but beg and plead to get one in. Considering the color combination is a Newegg exclusive I was really happy to find out they could get us one. Today we are FINALLY going to take a look at the NXZT Phantom LanOC Style.

Product Name: NZXT Phantom Black and Orange Edition

Review Sample Provided by: NZXT

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes



Phantom Series

Case Type

Full Tower Steel

Front Panel Material


Dimensions (W x H x D)

222 x 540 X 623 mm

VGA Clearance Maximum


Cooling System

FRONT, 1 X 140mm
REAR, 1 X 120mm (included)
SIDE, 2 x 120mm, 1 x 200/230 (2 x 120mm included)
TOP, 2 X 200mm (1 x LED 200mm included)

Drive Bays

7 INTERNAL 3.5"/2.5" Slots
Screwless Rail Design


Steel with black finish

Expansion Slots



11 kg

Motherboard Support


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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #21743 22 Dec 2011 19:20
Thursday's Case Review
Plague's Avatar
Plague replied the topic: #21780 25 Dec 2011 08:26
Nice review... Sucks about the quality control on that one, couldn't believe it myself.

One question I had was were the LEDs orange or still the standard blue, I didn't see that in the write up.
Brandonxcore's Avatar
Brandonxcore replied the topic: #21782 25 Dec 2011 09:08
They're orange LEDs in the fan controller.
Plague's Avatar
Plague replied the topic: #21783 25 Dec 2011 09:22

Brandonxcore wrote: They're orange LEDs in the fan controller.

good... I really don't like the blues ones. I have manually changing them to green.
Arxon's Avatar
Arxon replied the topic: #21784 25 Dec 2011 12:21
I want this case to match my headset i have. And my G15 keyboard.
Brandonxcore's Avatar
Brandonxcore replied the topic: #21785 26 Dec 2011 00:54
Im digging this case, it's currently on my desk :p It's pretty black and orange, haha, I feel like Im supporting the Bengals EVERYTIME I look over, lol.
Kelf's Avatar
Kelf replied the topic: #21883 29 Dec 2011 21:54
They need alllll the support they can get... bahaha

But this case is sweet!
Myndmelt's Avatar
Myndmelt replied the topic: #21915 30 Dec 2011 20:19
I haven't been a fan of the phantom look until I read through this review it seems like a nice case. I like the color scheme, this would be cool if I wanted to do a Komets theme PC or something.

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