Setup and Installation

Building in the Level 10 GT is worlds apart from working in the original. Having lived with the original for a long time I’m really happy to see that they improved on that. The crazy amount of wire management holes on the Level 10 GT made wiring on our installation a breeze. As mentioned before there is more than enough room behind the motherboard tray to fit all of our hidden wiring. Speaking of wiring, one of the most impressive areas is how Thermaltake wired up all of the hard drives. Not only do you only need to plug in one power connection, but the custom wiring just looks amazing and clean. Because of the side of the case you might run into issues trying to run your 8 pin power cable but the included extension cable will help with this.

Image 2

While setting everything up I noticed that the Level 10 GT also comes with a round clip in with its accessories that clips right onto the side of the case for you to hang your headset from, a nice touch.

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