Tritton AX51 Headset

Quality audio, despite the bemoaning of many, has proven time and again to be subjective to the listener.  This allows for a wide base for competition within the industry, and serves to cause confusion among the average consumer.  For instance, a quality set of 5.1 headphones can come in quite handy when gaming on the PC.  You know your enemies' every move, every blade of grass crushed underfoot as they make a desperate attempt to flank you.  It is a futile effort, unfortunately for them you can track them with your now acute sense of hearing.  Audiophiles cry out, however, "5.1 headphones sound terrible when it comes to music!"  So you can see the predicament these companies are in.  By catering to one group they are ignored by the other.  Tritton Technologies was kind enough to send us a pair of their AX51 5.1 Gaming Headsets in order to determine how they compare when faced with the rigors of gaming audio as well as music.

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SteelSeries 3H

Its news to me, but a headset is apparently very important to Gaming. All of those years I thought you could just yell at the screen. It turns out you needed a headset for everyone to hear you. SteelSeries apparently knew I was having this problem and sent me one of their 3H headsets. This is the same headset that we gave away at our last lanparty also. If it’s anything like our experiences with steel series in the past we should be happy. Click to find out

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Razer Piranha gaming headset

When it comes to gaming Razer has developed a brand that people have come to rely on and trust. Recently they have been trying there luck in the difficult sound market. Today we are going to take a look at their new Piranha Gaming Communicator. We are going to find out if these live up to the Razer name.

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