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Unlike the SeeMeCNC Eris that comes completely built and ready to go, with the Rostock MAX v3 is going to come as a kit unless you throw down the extra money to have SeeMeCNC build it. For some people that is going to be a big concern but I wasn’t too worried about it. I’ve built and taken things apart all of my life and regular readers on here have most likely seen me even build a few custom keyboards on top of 1000 times I’ve built and taken PCs apart. That said I did take a little time prior to the build to read about everything to be prepared. You just need a short list of tools and a soldering iron. If you haven’t soldered before I would recommend practicing a little before the build, but the build isn’t out of reach of someone new, in fact one of our readers and LAN attendees learned to solder and built his v3 right before I did mine.

image 21

image 22

So you should set aside a full day or a few long nights for your build. SeeMeCNC suggests that the build will take about 10 hours. According to them, this is about half the time of the previous model but I can’t confirm that because I haven’t built a v2. I think the time you take is going to range a little more than that though, using the two builds of our LAN attendees, they spent well over that amount of time because they had no previous printer experience and in one case no soldering experience. For me, I spent 11 and a half hours doing the build. It took 2 and a half for the hot end, 3 and a half for section 2 of the instructions, 3 and a half for section 3, and two hours in section 4. Looking back I know I could build it much faster for the second time. I spent a lot of time reading through each step of the instructions and watching every video sometimes multiple times. The videos especially took up a lot of my time. I basically doubled my build time with them, watching all of the steps then doing all of the steps, but they were very helpful.

In the end, I ran into a few small issues where I was a little confused but I was able to figure them all out just looking at the photos or the video. The build instructions are HERE, you should check them out. The best part is they get updated quickly anytime someone suggests an edit to improve the directions. I would normally walk everyone through the build with our own photos, but there are just too many things to cover that the assembly instructions cover. So here are a few picture from our build. As you can see I setup my laptop in my build area, had lots of light, and put on TV in the background and went to town. I built the hot end the night before, then had the rest together in a full days work. In fact, I was up and running printing my first large print that night.

image 23

image 24

image 25

image 26

image 27

image 28

image 29

Then, of course, I had my first large failed print, the larger capacity blew through more filament than I expected and our purple Pikachu never got the top of its head. So I swapped to a black and started over.

image 31

image 32

image 33


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