So in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX v3 can be picked up in a pre-built configuration or a build it yourself configuration. The pre-built costs significantly more due to the time, plus shipping requires a pallet rather than a box. So I went with the build it yourself kit because I think it better fits the price range that people would be looking at, plus I wanted to learn more about the printer and building it is the best option to do that. So the box for the v3 isn’t much to look at. It is smaller than the printer will be when built but it is completely packed full of heavy materials. So your UPS driver isn’t going to like you on the day it comes in. The box has the same white and black look that the Eris had only the Eris came pre-built.

image 38

So when you open everything up it's not all that exciting. On top, there are just multiple boxes with all of the loose parts in them. Under all of the boxes are the melamine wood parts that have all been laser cut then wrapped up. The three towers are also strapped to the melamine.

image 39

image 43

The three boxes are all split up by what is inside. The small white box has the power supply in it and the larger white box has all of the injection molded parts. The brown box is then filled with labeled bags with all of the electronics, wiring, and every other little part and accessory that the Rostock MAX v3 comes with.

image 40

image 41

image 42


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