Xilence Dual Heatpipe Ram Cooler

The other day I looked at the Xilence Xilent Blade Pro heatsink. Xilence produces a long list of cooling products. A good example of their wide selection is their Dual Heatpipe RAM Cooler. Designed to give great ram cooling for overclocking it's a perfect match for dedicated gamers and overclocking geeks.

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Logitech Cordless Vantage PS3 Headset

The Sony Playstation 3 as a console has so far offered up a questionable gaming experience for those who have purchased it.  Realistically, however, the system does have its own distinct titles - many of which deliver solid multiplayer content.  Resistance 1 and 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Warhawk all serve up delicious online fare just for starters and with the inception of Home for the PS3, it's safe to say that like the Xbox 360, online play is an integral part of the PS3 experience.  At this point, in order to maintain an edge in an online game, a headset is basically required in order to establish proper teamwork.  Since Sony hasn't seen fit to provide their supporters with an official Sony headset as of yet, it's up to the third parties to pick up the slack.  This is where Logitech comes in with their Cordless Vantage headset, an interesting device fit to take advantage of the PS3's Bluetooth capabilities.  They were kind enough to send us one, so that we might put it to the test.

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Noctua NH-C12P

A few weeks ago I took a look at the NH-U12P from Noctua. I was very impressed with the performance of the NH-U12P. In fact it was one of our best performing heatsinks to date. Noctua also makes a different design that is a little more low profile called the NH-C12P. Today we are going to see how the NH-C12P compares to the NH-U12P along with other heatsinks we have tested. In the past we have had trouble finding problems with Noctua; will the NH-C12P perform the same?

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Happy new year

I hope everyone has a great time. Please stay safe!

Xilence Xilent Blade Pro

A few weeks ago I took a closer look at a fan from a relatively unknown company by the name of Xilence. Not knowing what to expect I was presently surprised by the quite smooth performance of the fan. They also sent out one of their heatsinks called the Xilent Blade Pro for us to check out. Now that we are past the Christmas craziness, we are going to look and see how it performs compared to the other heatsinks that we have tested in the past. With a similar look to the Gelid Solutions heatsink we tested recently, I don't expect it to outperform the high end heatsinks, but I hope this will be a quite upgrade for a budget rig.

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eStarling ImpactV digital photo frame

I was recently shopping for a new camera, while I was at the store I noticed that most stores don't even sell film camera's anymore. It has gotten to the point that Most Wal-Mart's don't even deal with film development anymore, they just mail it out. What this means is that everyone, even non-tech savvy people have or will be switching over to digital cameras. Because of this, we have countless new options that weren't possible before. Things like modifying your photos, printing your own, and recently digital photo frames. I personally have almost 12 thousand digital photos that I have taken in the past 7 years. A company by the name of eStarling has been making a name of not only producing digital photo frames, but connecting them through wireless and making it easy to add photos and videos. Today we are going to take a look at their most recent model the ImpactV.

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QPAD CT mouse pad Grin Design

Last week I looked at a mouse pad from a company that at the time was unknown to us. After spending time with the pad, I found that the QPad XT-R was the first mouse pad that has had the style and performance to draw me away from my tried and true Destructor mouse pad. Coming off of that high note I had to put the XT-R aside and try out another one of QPad's products, the CT. Christer Körnbäck, the CEO of QPAD sent the CT in the Grin along with the XT-R because it is one of his favorite designs. We know they can produce a great mouse pad, but can lighting strike twice?

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SumoSac Sultan

When I play video games, I do it as an outlet or a way to calm down. The same goes for watching movies, after a long day at work it is nice to be able to kick back and relax doing something you enjoy. When I was a kid, the best way I could kick back was in a beanbag chair. Well at least 20 years later I have grown to be a very large guy. A standard beanbag isn't large enough for me, and frankly wouldn't hold up to my weight. Sumo produces a variety of quality products designed to handle the abuse of adults. In the case of their SumoSac's they make a variety of sizes for different people. Today we are going to look at the Sultan; the Sultan is the 2 largest model that Sumo produces.

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In Win 'Na Hard Drive Enclosure

We have reviewed in the past 8 months a variety of hard drive enclosures. They have come in different shapes, sizes, with and without fans, even some which look like they came from the future. Never anything that looks like something handed down through generations. In Win, has provided us with their newest hard drive enclosure called the ‘Na. The name is short and simple, and the style shows off Chinese culture. The ‘Na was even recognized at the Taiwan Excellence Awards for the innovative design.

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Cosmos S Mods Part 1

A few of you may have noticed that when I reviewed the Coolermaster Cosmos S a few weeks ago I didn't use our normal test rig for the testing. I liked the case enough that I decided to move my personal rig over too it. I did have a few complaints about the case and I hope to post a few small updates on here as I work on making the case fit my style. My biggest complaint was the lack of a side window. Coolermaster was kind enough to send a new side panel with a window out to get me started on the updates to this case.'

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QPAD XT-R mousepad

For a long time now, I have been a self-proclaimed mouse and mouse pad snob. I am very meticulous about my mouse pad and use only the best. Recently I have been using the Razer Destructor because I favor hard mouse pads. These can often be easier to use if you rely on your mouse to play games at sites like http://www.partycasino.com/, in my opinion. However, there are a number of other high quality options and brands to choose from on the market at the moment.
Recently I encountered a company called QPAD that produces a variety of different mouse pads.  QPAD is a Swedish company that "built its success on a grassroots commitment to the gaming community. Like you, we thrive in the madness of competition and embrace the free spirit of gaming". Sounds like our type of people! They provided us with two mouse pads to review, today I will be talking about the QPAD XT-R. The XT-R is QPAD's op of the line model as of right now. I am going to review the quality to see if it meets my high standards.

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VIZO XENA mini portable notebook cooler

In the past, we have reviewed a VIZO laptop coolers a few times. We did enjoy them; in fact, I still use the mini Ninja II when I have my laptop at my main desk. The problem is when you leave your desk they weren't designed to be carried around with your laptop. Considering that's the point of a laptop I was really excited to see that VIZO recently came out with a portable laptop cooler called the XENA mini. They shipped one out for me to check out. I plan to find out how helpful the ZENA mini is for people "on the go".

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Xilence 120mm Red Wing Fan

If it is one thing that I've learned in the past 10 months of reviewing is to not count a company out just because you haven't heard of them. New or relatively unknown companies have surprised me countless times and I think I have finally learned my lesson. Today we are going to look at a 120mm fan from Xilence. Xilence may not be a huge name in the industry, but they have been around since 2003. There range of products consists of cases, power supply units, case fans, notebook coolers, and a wide range of heatsinks. Expect to see more of their products on here in the near future.

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VIZO Armada II ram cooler

We have seen VIZO products come through here many times; they have even been involved with our Lan Partys in the past. I'm sure you have noticed they make a wide variety of items ranging from lighting to laptop accessories. Today I am going to take a look at their new Armada II ram cooler. I've been known to push things on my computer to the limit and heat is always a concern. The Armada II is designed to cool down your ram to be able to get a little more out of your overclock. I plan to see how it performs in my personal computer and seeing if the kit adds a little more style to my rig.

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In Win Commander 850 Watt power supply

We have seen In Win both on here and at our lanpartys. We have seen that they produce interesting and different PC cases. Apparently, they have decided to branch out into the power supply market. Considering their involvement in the gaming community, I am excited to see what they can do in the power supply market. In Win provided us with their Commander 850 Watt power supply. We are going to install the power supply into our HTPC build to see how well the modular cable setup performs in a tight fit.

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Antec Fusion Remote Max

With the computer becoming almost a requirement people are spending more and more time in their office and less time in their living room. My household is a great example of this, between work on websites, reviews, and games I find myself on my computer most of the day. We have a 52-inch 1080p TV along with countless console games and I almost never end up in the living room. For the past two years I have not had cable or satellite, instead I have found my shows online. Apparently, I am not the only one who does this; HTPC's (Home Theater PC) have recently started to become popular. With the ability to get online or watch downloaded movies and shows, it is no surprise really. HTPC's are basically standard pc's in a special case, Antec produces a few different designs. We are going to look at their Fusion Remote Max today. We will find out if it has what it takes to survive in the living room.

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Coolermaster Cosmos S

When Coolermaster announced their Cosmos chassis around a year or a year and a half ago I was amazed. For the first time I wanted to buy a case the day it came out. I was looking for an upgrade from my Antec SuperLanBoy and the Cosmos 1000 fit the bill, well minus the front door and the lack of a window. When the case came out, I read about lots of problems with heat, considering how much I tend to push the limits with overclocking I decided to pass on the case. Coolermaster realized the problems and set out to perfect the Cosmos chassis. They released the Cosmos S to much fan fare; we now get a chance to take a look ourselves. We are going to find out if the cooling is better and if this really is the perfect gamer case.

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Razer Galiatius Soft mouse pad

Yesterday we took a closer look at the Razer Lachesis gaming mouse. Every good mouse needs a good mouse pad. So today we are going to check out Razer's newest mouse pad the Goliathus. This is Razer's first full soft mouse pad. The pad comes in both a Speed and Control version. Due to my preference's we are going to be reviewing the speed version today.

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Razer Lachesis Mouse

When gamers are looking for mice there are only a few company's you think of. One of the big names in gaming mice is Razer. Razer made a name for themselves by making high DPI mice at a time that 400dpi was main stream. Razer's latest high DPI mouse is the Lachesis (‘lak- -s s), with 4000 Dpi it's a far cry from the old days. Today we are going to test out the Lachesis and find out how it performs.

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Nyko Cord Free

When the Wii was announced the wireless remote shaped controller caused confusion an intrigue. A system without wires was a welcome change to the console coming with a mess of a wired controller and a premium price to go wireless. Then the nunchuck came to light and there was a collective groan. A wireless controller with wired peripherals sounds like madness. MADNESS? This is Nintendo! They promised a solution but never delivered which led to 3rd party companies like Nyko to swoop in and save the day. I will be reviewing the Cord Free nunchuck by Nyko.

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