powerfortheaderExtended batteries. When I mention those two words, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Does anything even come to mind for you? Well, to most people that I talk to about getting an extended battery for their phone or other mobile device they just respond with “I will just make sure that I plug it in every day.” But what if you use your device all-day, every day, and you find yourself on a long flight across the Pacific? What if you are just too lazy to plug your phone in every night? Well, the Power Fort is a device that claims to be the savior of those moments. But how does it hold up in testing? Let’s find out!

Product Name: Cooler Master Choiix Power Fort 

Review Sample Provided By: Cooler Master

Words By: Chad

Pictures By: Chad




Model C-2006-W1SO (White)
C-2006-K1SO (Black)
Power Capacity 5600 mAh
USB Input DC 5V/1A
USB Output DC 5V /2.1A
Battery Type Li-Ion Battery
Dimension 80.6 x 60.7 x 26 mm (3.17 x 2.39 x 1.02 inch)
Weight 32g (4.6 Oz)
Recharge Time 6 – 8 hours
Package Content • Power Fort
• Micro USB cable
• Mini USB cable
• Storage Bag


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