titleFor our write-up today I just want to follow up with our past reviews on the Sapphire HD 7970 and the XFX R7970 DD Black Edition Overclocked. Today we are going to show off the results of our crossfire benchmarks. This isn’t a review, just our results. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. For those of you in the Midwest like me try to stay warm and safe with all of the snow coming in!

We paired those two monsters up to see what the HD 7970 is capable in crossfire and here are our results!

image 1

3dmark11perf wm

3dmark11extreme wm

3dmarkvantageperf wm

3dmarkvantagehigh wm

bfbc2 wm

dirt2 wm

dirt3 wm

metrodx10 wm

metrodx11 wm

shogun2 wm

As you can see other than in the Nvidia favored Metro 2033 the two HD 7970’s paired up are unstoppable. If you are looking for the absolute maximum performance right now this is the only way to go. Of course at $1100 bucks it’s not going to be cheap!

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Author: garfi3ldWebsite: http://lanoc.org
You might call him obsessed or just a hardcore geek. Wes's obsession with gaming hardware and gadgets isn't anything new, he could be found taking things apart even as a child. When not poking around in PC's he can be found playing League of Legends, Awesomenauts, or Civilization 5 or watching a wide variety of TV shows and Movies. A car guy at heart, the same things that draw him into tweaking cars apply when building good looking fast computers. If you are interested in writing for Wes here at LanOC you can reach out to him directly using our contact form.

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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #22273 21 Jan 2012 01:27
Just thought you guys would want to see the results :)
Nacelle's Avatar
Nacelle replied the topic: #22282 21 Jan 2012 06:01
How about Battlefield 3 Ultra settings and Eyefinity?
Plague's Avatar
Plague replied the topic: #22285 21 Jan 2012 07:44
it is sad that crossfire isn't much better then the single OC 7970. :(
Nacelle's Avatar
Nacelle replied the topic: #22286 21 Jan 2012 20:08
It's the drivers. Some games are getting double the frame rate. Look at BC2.
Wingless92's Avatar
Wingless92 replied the topic: #22287 21 Jan 2012 22:05
AMD really needs to step up their Crossfire support. Two of these cards are not El Cheapo.
jj_Sky5000's Avatar
jj_Sky5000 replied the topic: #22291 21 Jan 2012 23:33
they havnt updated the driver since the refernce cards went out they rebranded the evaluation version driver ( no changes have been made yet to increase performance) so sad, A lot of folks purchased 2 cards and are pissed
Wingless92's Avatar
Wingless92 replied the topic: #22293 22 Jan 2012 01:13
I would be pissed too if I spent that much cash on two or more cards and the performance wasn't where it should be, no argument there.
garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #22295 22 Jan 2012 02:07
They actually just released a driver yesterday lol

We just installed the drivers on the test bench, im hoping to see how they effect the test results

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