Compute Benchmarks

It doesn’t matter to most people but I always still try to include some compute benchmarks in our testing for those of you who might be doing video encoding or other compute related workloads. This time around I was aiming for three tests. The Blender benchmark failed just like on all of the RTX cards and I included it here just to remind everyone that out of the box Blender doesn’t work with the RTX cards though there is a fix coming and I’ve seen some people be able to fix it. Anyhow, for the other tests I ran Passmark Performance Test 9’s GPU Compute test. This is where the GTX 1080 was still much faster. The stock clocked RTX 2070 actually was right in line with the old GTX 1070, the Founders Edition did better but was still not up where I would like to see it perform. The Cinegy test was similar, new tech means compatibility issues early on.





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