VR Benchmarks

The currently available VR benchmarks are all synthetic tests as well. But they do offer a nice look at potential VR performance and given VR has very specific requirements in that if your FPS dropped too low it can make you dizzy or sick it is important to at least get an idea of performance. The SteamVR test is capped at a score of 11 so it really only applies to lower end cards and the RTX 2070 doesn’t qualify as that. So my focus was on the VRMark results. I ran all three tests, the orange room is the most basic and is a lot like current games. Cyan is the newest test and it is like more demanding games from today. Then the blue room is a future looking test for more realistic and demanding games. Oddly enough the orange room result was higher on this round of testing than the Founders Edition 2070 when I tested it last month, clearly there was a driver improvement there. Overall though The 2070s were faster than the GTX 1080s in the blue room test and in the cyan room it was even faster than the GTX 1080 Ti.




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