The box for the Gigabyte Windforce 8G RTX 2070 has the normal black and green area in the bottom right corner like all Nvidia products that wraps around to the side as well. But the rest of the box is actually trimmed in an orange with a black background. They skipped out on putting the card on the front sadly. In its place, the front has a large eye like design, similar to the Strix logo. Beyond that, they highlight the RGB support with a logo in the corner and one as well for Windforce. Around back they finally have details on the card including pictures from multiple angles. The only picture of the front fans is partially covered though showing how their Windforce design rotates one fan the other direction for improved airflow. Beyond that, they have pictures showing the RGB logo on top, the metal backplate, and one of the copper direct contact heatpipe design. There is also a line drawing of the rear I/O that shows all of the display connections you get, this is important for in-store shopping but card dimensions would also be nice as well.

image 6

image 7

So inside, like most video cards these days, there are boxes within boxes. The outside of the packaging has a main big box inside, then inside of that a box on top with the documentation in it. Then all the up under that you finally get to the card itself. It comes wrapped in its static protective bag and it sits in a foam cutout to keep it safe. There weren’t any accessories and even documentation was slim. You get a driver and software disc and a thin paper quick guide for setup.

image 8

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