Compute Benchmarks

For compute performance I did our standard tests. I tested using the GPU Compute benchmark in Passmark’s Performance Test 9. This one showed a 635 point jump over the GTX 1060 and a lot more than that compared to the RX 480 and RX 580.


Then in CompuBenchCL, I ran the Video Composition benchmark to check out the average FPS the card would be able to compose video. Here it came in extremely close to the GTX 980 Ti and above the past overclocked GTX 1060’s as well as the RX 480/580’s. Then last but not least I did the Bitcoin Mining benchmark where it pulled 631.31 MHash/s. The RX 480’s and RX 580’s were all higher except the reference RX 480 but this was still a bump over 26 MHash/s over the overclocked GTX 1060’s with the slower memory. The new memory didn’t give too much but it was faster.




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