The packaging for the Aorus GTX 1060 9 Gbps has what I assume is a large bird on it that is part of the Aorus logo. It’s a little odd that in addition to the huge logo across the front they have a smaller logo in the top left corner. With this being the Xtreme Edition 6G they have that designation in the bottom left above a few feature icons. Then in the bottom right, you have the standard Nvidia branding that wraps around the end of the card. The back of the box actually has photos with six small boxes that touch on features like the internal VR HDMI ports, the cooling, and RGB lighting. They also have a small line drawing of the connections at the rear of the card as well. This is a big deal as you wouldn’t want to buy the card then get home and find out it doesn’t have the connections you need.

image 1

image 2

Inside the slide out tray has a box on top with the documentation in it then under that the card comes wrapped in a static bag and it sits in a foam cutout to keep the card safe. For documentation, you get a quick guide and a card with registration information. Then you have a driver/software disc and a cool looking Aorus logo case badge.

image 3

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