VR Benchmarks

So our VR benchmarks got in a fight with the synthetic benchmarks and had to move out on their own. Things are sparse in here right now but I’m hoping to expand on them in the future. That said I did test the card in the basic SteamVR benchmark and again using the two VRMark tests. In SteamVR the 9Gbps Aorus had a score of 9/11 putting well above the overclocked original GTX 1060’s and the RX 580/480. In VRMark the two tests are split up to show current performance in the orange room benchmark and future looking performance in the blue room. In the orange room, the Aorus 9Gbps did extremely well with 44 FPS over what is needed putting it in just above the two overclocked RX 580’s and almost 10 FPS higher than the overclocked GTX 1060s with the older memory. The blue room benchmark on the other hand is brutal and nothing can handle it right now but all of the GTX 1060’s did better than the RX 580/480’s.




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