Red, red everywhere. The packaging for the GamingX+ has a bright red background and then a huge picture of the card on the cover and I love it. You see what you are buying right away. The MSI logo is in the top left corner then the standard Geforce branding in the bottom right corner. You will notice though that they have to point out specifically that this is an 11 Gbps card because it is a different model than the standard GTX 1080. The back of the box is loaded up with information. There are three main sections that show the included gaming app, a section on the lighting, and about the silent cooling. Below all of that, they touch on the Geforce Experience software, system requirements, a few features from Nvidia, and basic product specifications.

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Inside the box the card comes wrapped up in a static protective bag and in a foam tray. Then on top of the card is a thin box with the accessories inside is a  pouch with the MSI logo on it with documentation inside. You get a driver/software disc, a user guide, stickers, and a comic. Wait MSI now includes a comic?? The Lucky the Dragon Computer Workshop comic is great and it runs through how to put your new card in your PC.

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