Compute Benchmarks

For those of you who use your computers for more than just gaming, I like to run through a few situations where the GPU might be put to use for compute. My first test is a basic test inside of Passmark’s Performance Test 9 that just runs a basic single precision benchmark. No surprises here, the Gaming X+ comes in a little ahead of the GTX 1080 FE but the 1080 Ti still stomps everything with its additional CUDA cores.


Then I run through CompubenchCL where I focus on their Video Composition and Bitcoin mining benchmarks. In the Video Composition test, the gap between the Gaming X+ and the GTX 1080 FE is actually really big, big enough for all of those RX480’s and RX580’s to slip in between them. The Gaming X+ is still 30 FPS behind the 1080 Ti though. In the Bitcoin Mining benchmark, the RX480’s and RX580’s are down a little lower and the gap between the Founders Edition and the Gaming + isn’t as wide. The 1080 Ti though is in its own category.




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