VR Benchmarks

So our Synthetic benchmark section overflowed and the VR tests ended up down here in their own area even though there are just a few benchmarks for VR currently. Anyhow in the first benchmark the SteamVR test it was no surprise that the Gaming X+ maxed the chart with an 11 just like everything from the overclocked GTX 1070 and above. In VRMark I ended up with better results though. The orange room benchmark tests performance in modern VR games and the blue room tests for future looking higher detail games with both looking for 120 FPS as a goal for the smooth gameplay you have to have in VR. Well in the orange room test the Gaming X+ came in oddly just below the founder's edition card, but even the Ti wasn’t far ahead making me think there is a CPU limit at play. The Blue Room results have the Gaming X+ in not far behind the Ti and the 1080’s in SLI though.




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