Returning readers will know that seeing two similar cards pop up means just one thing… Crossfire benchmarking! After I finished up my review of the Sapphire RX 470, I stayed up all night benchmarking the two cards together. I wanted to take a look and find out if picking up two RX 470’s would be better than a single GTX 1070, something that falls into the same price range. In addition, I was curious if we would just see an improvement in the 1080p resolution that these cards were designed for or if maybe they would be more viable for 1440p as well when paired up. As always with our SLI and Crossfire testing. I skip all of the normal review stuff and frankly don’t write to much, leaving you guys with a whole pile of graphs and performance numbers to sort through. So enjoy!

Product Names: Sapphire RX 470 4GB Nitro and XFX RX 470 RS Black Edition

Review Samples Provided by: Sapphire and XFX

Written by: Wes

Testing by: Wes

Amazon Links: Sapphire RX 470 4GB Nitro and XFX RX 470 RS Black Edition


Links to our original reviews

Sapphire RX 470 4GB Nitro

XFX RX 470 RS Black Edition


Sapphire RX 470 4GB Nitro Specifications
GCN Architecture 4th Generation
Manufacturing Process 14-nm FinFET
Die Size 232 mm2
Transistors 5.7B
Compute Units 32
Stream Processors 2048
Clock Speeds (Boost / Base) 1260 MHz / 1143 MHz
Peak Compute Performance Up to 4.9 TFLOPS
Texture Units 128
Peak Texture Fill-Rate Up to 154.4 GT/s
ROPs 32
Peak Pixel Fill-Rate Up to 38.6 GP/s
Memory Size 4 GB
Memory Bandwidth 211 GB/s
Memory Interface 256 bit
Memory Type GDDR5
Board Power 120W
AMD FreeSync™ Technology Yes
DirectX® 12 Suppor Yes
Vulkan™ Support Yes
VR Premium Yes
DisplayPort Version 1.3 HBR / 1.4 HDR Ready
XFX RX 470 RS Black Edition Specifications
Model Number RX-470P4LDB6
Card Dimension cm 24 x 12.1 x 4
Inches 9.45 x 4.76 x 1.57
GPU Clock 1256MHz
Stream Processors 2048
Memory Bus 256 bit
Memory Clock 7.0 GHz
Memory Size 4GB
Memory Type DDR5
Dual link Support Yes
Max Supported Resolution (DIGITAL) 4096 x 2160
Display Outputs 3x DisplayPort
Display Port ready 1.4
HDMI Ready 2.0b
HDR Ready Yes
FinFET 14 Yes
AMD FreeSync technology Yes
DirectX™ 12 Optimized Yes
4th Generation GCN Yes
AMD LiquidVR technology Yes
AMD Virtual Super Resolution (VSR) Yes
Radeon Software Yes
AMD CrossFire Technology Yes
Package Contents

6-pin to 4-pin power cable

Driver Disk Installation Guide

Installation DVD

Warranty Card

Warranty 3 Years



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garfi3ld replied the topic: #38075 09 Aug 2016 06:29
Yesterday I took a look at the Sapphire RX 470, so today I pair that card up with the XFX card I reviewed last week and check out RX 470 Crossfire performance

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