Last week AMD introduced the new RX 470 and I took a look at XFX’s fastest model, the RX 470 RS Black Edition. Well, today I’m going to follow that up and take a look at Sapphires RX 470 4GB Nitro. This will be my first look at one of the new 400 series Nitro cards and I’m excited to find out what Sapphire has going on. From looking through some of the feature lists I saw removable fans and RGB lighting but I’m most curious about the overall performance of the overclocked card and the cooling capabilities of the Nitro cooler. So today I’m going to take a look at the card, its features, and then test its performance in our GPU benchmark suite to see how it compares to the RX 470 from XFX. Considering how close the XFX came to the RX 480 in some of our tests Sapphire has their work cut out for themselves.

Product Name: Sapphire RX 470 4GB Nitro

Review Sample Provided by: Sapphire

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

Amazon Link: HERE


GCN Architecture 4th Generation
Manufacturing Process 14-nm FinFET
Die Size 232 mm2
Transistors 5.7B
Compute Units 32
Stream Processors 2048
Clock Speeds (Boost / Base) 1260 MHz / 1143 MHz
Peak Compute Performance Up to 4.9 TFLOPS
Texture Units 128
Peak Texture Fill-Rate Up to 154.4 GT/s
ROPs 32
Peak Pixel Fill-Rate Up to 38.6 GP/s
Memory Size 4 GB
Memory Bandwidth 211 GB/s
Memory Interface 256 bit
Memory Type GDDR5
Board Power 120W
AMD FreeSync™ Technology Yes
DirectX® 12 Suppor Yes
Vulkan™ Support Yes
VR Premium Yes
DisplayPort Version 1.3 HBR / 1.4 HDR Ready

Before diving into testing, I did want to include a copy of the GPUz from the card. With issues popping up this year with manufacturers sending review samples that are turned up to their optional OC clocks I want to make sure we keep everything transparent. The Nitro does run at the 1260MHz boost clock that is listed in the Sapphire specifications, so we are good there.



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Today I check out the Sapphire RX 470 4GB Nitro and see how it compares to the XFX 470 I tested last week

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