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We knew going in that the BizView 750 would be a compact video card, it has to be in order to fit in a half height PCI slot. It’s also a surprisingly attractive card as well. I love the aluminum design of the fan shroud and its black trimming. The fan on the back half is small when put next to a normal card but is the largest fan they could fit into such a compact design. If you look around you will not see any 6 pin power connections, the entire card runs off the power provided by the PCI slots. Also to note with the cooling, the fan shroud does not but up against the PCI slot and is cut out even farther on the top and bottom, this means it will vent its warmed air into your case. Along with being a half height card it is also a single slot card as well.

image 8

image 10

image 14

I mentioned it previously but here are pictures of the BizView 750 with both the full and half height PCI slot covers. I love how compact it all looks with the short slot cover.

image 12

image 17

Between the holes in the fan shroud around the PCI slot cover and the completely open end its clear that the BizView vents all of its air into the case. We will have to see if it puts out much heat, but considering the potential uses in business pc’s and small form factor builds this could be an issue for some.

image 15

image 11

Around back you can see the blue PCB color. Typically I would comment on the card needing a color that would match a gaming PC better, but frankly this blue would look at home in any PC that you would be looking to run it in and you sure won’t see it without a side panel window.

image 13

On the end of the BizView there are two connections, a mini DisplayPort and an off looking DVI connection. If you took a look at the cards specifications you may have noticed that it actually supports two DVI connections. Each DVI connection is dual link, perfect for business applications that may need to power a pair of 2560x1440 monitors. The only way to get those is to use the included two way adapter. If you plan on using DVI at all you will have to use the included adapter, the plug on the card is made specifically for it. Also worth noting, the single width pci bracket (that can be swapped from full to half height) also has no ventilation meaning any heat this card creates will go back into your pc.

image 16

image 9

image 18


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