Overall and Final Verdict

The Diamond BizView 750 is a very interested video card. On one hand, the performance is mediocre in most games, yet it still manages to play most of what we through at it at playable levels. The games that we did have lower than 30 FPS results would be more than playable if we turned off some of the Anti-Aliasing. But it’s really hard to consider this a mediocre video card when you take into account its size. As a half-height card it is at a distinct disadvantage from the start in all aspects. What really impressed me though is that it does everything without requiring any extra power connections. The BizView is a good fit for multiple applications in both business and home for people who need a small card. For me I couldn’t help but picture this card being paired up with a small build like the router we just built for our events. This could very well be the perfect card for a Steam box. The only downfall is the lack of an HDMI port on the card really. Speaking of the connections, although I love the multi Monitor support, I’m not a big fan of the two way DVI adapter. My Ideal setup in this case would be a DVI port and an HDMI port on the card. This way you could use an HDMI to DVI cable still while having support for televisions for HTPC’s or Steam Box configurations.

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