Synthetic Benchmarks

Our last video card review we revamped our test suite in both the in game section as well as a few changes in our Synthetic Benchmark section as well. Most notably we dropped the old Vantage benchmarks to focus on the newest 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark and we did the same with the Heaven benchmark, moving from 3.0 to 4.0. We have gone ahead and started working on retesting a few of our older cards with the new benchmarks as well, this week adding the GTX 670 and the GTX 650 Ti. Keep an eye out on future reviews for more retests and let us know if there is anything specifically that you would like to see put priority to on retests.

As for our results, I went in with low expectations really. The Diamond BizView 750 uses an HD 7750 at its core and with it being a half height card it’s hard to expect too much. In our normal Fire Strike testing the numbers weren’t all that bad really; it wasn’t until I ran the extreme test where the cards low frame buffer size really hurt it. On 3DMark 11 we could see how it compared to the Sapphire HD6670 Low Profile, the last low profile card that we tested. With a score of 2795 the BizView 750 blew the Sapphire low profile card away with its 1588 score. When you see that performance wise this card isn’t far from the GTX 460, you can finally see that although it isn’t a top performer, it is still capable of playing games as well as being a business video card.







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