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Well if you came in here expecting this to look anything like the last portable SSD that I covered I think the first few pictures will clear the air on that one. The WD drive was an M.2 drive with a fancy shell but the SanDisk Extreme 510 is a square. Not only that but it has very unique styling and colors as well. So two of the corners are rounded and two are cut a little short. One of the snubbed edges is where you will find the USB 3.0 connection and the other has a metal section that you can attach a string or a keychain too. So for colors, they went with black in the middle and an off red finish on the outer ring. The top has a textured finish where the outside ring is all rubber, but I will get to that part here in a minute. Down on the bottom is where you will find the model name and the capacity, ours is a 480 GB drive. SanDisk also put a thin rubber finish around the outside edge of the bottom to give it a little traction when you have it sitting on your desk.

image 7

image 8

To get the Extreme in its name SanDisk added the rubber ring around the outside edge. In addition to being rubber, it also has small holes molded into it to help absorb an impact if for some reason you drop it.

image 6

The rubber ring also helps protect the drive from dirt and moisture by plugging the USB connection when it isn’t in use. With this being an SSD they needed the bandwidth of USB 3.0 and to keep the thin profile they went with a micro-USB 3.0 connection. This is very similar to the normal micro connection on your phones, in fact, you can plug a 2.0 micro into it on the right side, but there is an extra section that helps get the additional bandwidth. They also include a cable but if you were expecting anything long you are going to be disappointed. The drives cable is about 6 inches long. Because of that, you can expect to have the drive hanging when you plug it into full-sized PCs, but with laptops, it can sit on the table next to your connection.

image 11

image 12

image 5

Because of the square shape you might think this is a lot larger than the WD SSD drive, but it isn’t actually too bad. It is 2.98 inches wide on both dimensions and then is .42 of an inch thick. For a better comparison, I put it up next to the original Pixel XL. It is about half the size of the phone but is a little thicker.

image 9

image 10


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