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Because the WD SSD drive was the last one to come into the office prior to the SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable (actually they came in at the same time) I spent a lot of my time testing this drive comparing the differences between them. Given that they are both SSD based drives and they are from the same parent company I think this is fair, not to mention the WD My Passport SSD earned our Top Honors award so I was really curious if the 510 would be able to keep up. For the most part, it kept up in performance and that says a lot. But it was the design that I was most curious about. Why would you go with one over the other?

Well the main thing with the SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD is its durable construction. They gave it a rough finish to help you hold on to it, but if you do drop it the rubber bumper around the edge should help with the impact and with it being an SSD it's going to handle drops better anyhow. The design, when the cord is unhooked, also can withstand some dust and moisture. It even has an IP55 rating meaning it is protected against dust and water spray from all directions.

The design does feel a little old compared to the WD drive, mostly because of the lack of USB Type-C but also the styling of the WD drive makes this one look dated. Really though the only issue I ran into during my testing was that the cord was extremely short for use with a desktop PC. Now, of course, you don’t need an “extreme” drive for your home PC, but when you get home and go to take everything off the drive to back it up it is going to be hanging from the short cable.

Overall I ended up liking the drive more than I expected. With the WD drive, I felt like I would take advantage of its speed around the office between PCs but this drive is going into my laptop bag. I can feel confident that even if it gets banged around, dusty and dirty, or even a little wet that my files are still going to be there and I’ll be able to get them quickly with the SSD speeds.


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