I’ve mostly just been using the drive with my laptop and to copy files between PCs around the office but to get hard numbers I did run it through a few of our standard benchmarks. SanDisk rates the drive at up to 430 MB/s read speeds and 400 MB/s write speeds so I wanted to first see how it performed for me for overall transfer speeds. To do this I tested using CrystalDiskMark. As you can see it did fall a little short of the claimed speeds but 395 read and 389 write isn’t too bad for a portable SSD.

performance 4

To confirm though I tested again using ATTO Disk Benchmark, this is sometimes what the manufacturers use to get their numbers. As you can see the Extreme 510 ended up having read speeds in the mid to low 420’s and write speeds were actually faster in the mid to high 420’s. Even better!

performance 2

I then ran through Anvil’s Storage benchmark where we can see how it handles the higher queue depths (not all that well, unsurprisingly) and saw 405 on the read speeds and 385 on the writes. Those numbers come in closer to the CrystalDiskMark results.

performance 1

For my last test, I went old school and just transferred a large folder filled with small and large files. The same one I tested the WD drive on as well. This to me is really the main test as I use my portable drives mostly for transferring files in windows. Because of that, I was really happy with the 315 MB/s result considering a lot of the SSD’s inside my PCs don’t see that on a lot of similar file transfers.

performance 5

Then to finish things off I did also run a CrystalDiskInfo result on the drive for anyone curious about any of the extra details.

performance 3


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