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If you have seen any of eufy’s other security products then the packaging for the eufy Security Video Smart Lock wouldn’t be a surprise at all. They all have the same white background with the V shape in the blue stripe down at the bottom. They also all have a large picture of the product on the front which I love, when shopping in retail this is the main way you get to even see what you are buying. Buying online you normally have more pictures, but it is easy to forget that in person you don’t have that option and the information on the box is your main source of information. The front of the box has the picture which includes the chime base and then both the front and back halves of the Video Smart Lock. The eufy branding is up in the top left corner and in the top right, they highlight that you don’t have any monthly fees. The only downside to this packaging layout is the product name itself can only be found in a small font down in the bottom right corner. The side of the box highlights some of the software features including a picture of a phone running the app. Then on the back, the top half shows how the Video Smart Lock can be part of multiple eufy Security products that all work together. Below that they touch on the key features and have three more pictures showing the Video Smart Lock in action. Then down on the bottom edge in the blue, they have line drawings of everything in the box, and if they had anything else inside they would have had to make the box wider to fit their pictures.

image 22

image 23

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When you open the box up after taking the slide-off cover you have the front and back halves of the Video Smart Lock sitting up on top in a plastic tray with clear plastic over top. This keeps them protected but still gives you that unboxing experience where you can see what you bought as soon as you open it up. Under those, there is a second plastic tray that has the battery, a book with the documentation, and missing from the picture the chime as well.

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The documentation package comes with a large shield-shaped eufy Security sticker and a surprisingly thick quick start guide. Seriously this isn’t a full manual or anything but is larger than some books.

image 34

image 35

The Video Smart Lock comes with multiple bags of installation parts. This is a full deadbolt door lock so you have the deadbolt insert, the lock guard with screws, and a bag of screws for installing the Video Smart Lock itself. You also get a set of keys which have the eufy branding on them and a removable battery.

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