The eufy RoboVac X8 comes in a big black box which has two turbines in the background on the front as well as a large picture of the top of the X8. I always like it when packaging lets you see what you are getting and they do a nice box there. The eufy branding is up in the top left corner with a turquoise background and the by Anker branding with it. Then down along the bottom, they have the RoboVac X8 in a reflective finish and in the largest font on the box for the X8 so you can spot it right away. They highlight the twin turbine tech as well as a few other features like laser navigation, multi-floor mapping, and what they call ultrapack dust compression. Around on the back of the box, they have more pictures of the X8 and they go into more detail about a few of its features including photos and they give you a listing with line drawings of what you get in the box as well as a few “gifts” that they include like an extra filter, extra brush, and wire ties.

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When you open everything up you have another black cardboard panel, this one has an outline of the X8 on it and then a small box with all of the documentation inside. Up under that the eufy RoboVac X8 along with its charging base are sitting in a formed cardboard tray and both are also wrapped up in plastic to keep them from getting any scratches from movement in shipping. Under that, the formed tray also has individual spots for each of the accessories included as well.

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When you pull the eufy RoboVac X8 out of the box on top of the plastic bag on it there are also small pieces of foam that lock the bump bar into place that you need to remove. They have stickers in that turquoise so they are relatively visible but make sure you get them.

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For documentation, the eufy RoboVac X8 comes with a small half-page quick start guide that shows you how to install your base including how much room you should give around it and how to tie up the extra wire length. Then it shows you where to download the mobile app which is what you will need next to get things going.

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For the other accessories as they mentioned on the box you do get a second vacuum filter and a second rotating brush. They also include a small bag with a few zip ties that you can use to tie up any loose cables around the house. Then you have the power cable for the charging base. The power cable is a power wart but arranged with the plug sideways so it hopefully won’t block the other power outlet but with a power strip where they are sometimes a little closer, things may be tight. The power cable turns your AC down to 24 volts and is rated at 1 amp output so you don’t need to worry about it using much power.

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