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I rarely jump into a review and I don’t have a point of comparison or experience with a type of product but with the eufy RoboVac X8, I went in blind just knowing some of the experiences of friends with robotic vacuums and a lifetime of sweeping and vacuuming the traditional way. So for the X8, I’m not looking at it in a direct comparison with a competing product, I’m just giving my overall experience switching over and I have to say it has met and in a lot of ways surpassed my expectations. Being in a household with multiple cats and my wife and I both having little desire to jump into cleaning to maintain things preferring that flight of the bumblebees cleaning when we find out someone is coming over. So a simple way to stay on top of the dust, dirt, and especially cat hair is a huge improvement for us. Especially with the RoboVac X8 being able to get up under a few chairs and beds we would end up being big projects to move and clean out under them. The RoboVac X8 struggled with our first vacuum slightly with the furballs in those areas especially but it was never anything that emptying the canister and cleaning the beater bar off didn’t take care of and after that initial clean its performance has been great.

When doing some light sanding for a house project, when I was done on the app I let the RoboVac X8 know to spot clean that area and I didn’t have to worry about getting yelled at for sanding in the house. Going in I was especially worried that the thick transitions in our house would be a problem, in fact, this was the main reason I hadn’t picked one up in the past and the RoboVac X8 ran over them without issue. With its multi-map mode if you have a multi-story house the X8 can map out each level as well which I intend on taking advantage of with our basement soon. Noise with the dual turbine motors does have the potential to be noisy when on the highest settings but I found that those settings are only needed in some situations like pet hair on carpet for example.

Owners of other robotic vacuums will laugh at me but I do have to point out that you do need to give a quick walk-through or keep the vacuum in mind day to day and make sure you don’t leave things that will cause it to get caught up like cords laying around. The X8 does a great job mapping things out and avoiding some things left on your floor but anything shorter than the height of the X8 is going to get bumped into and if it is thin enough it will go over it like it is a transition so make sure to pick up small toys from kits or animals and in my experience flip flops. The top of the RoboVac X8 has a glossy finish that almost immediately was covered in fingerprints, especially after the first time I needed to clean out the bottom and empty it. While the RoboVac X8 did a good job mapping out our home to get around, I have seen maps from other vacuums that perfectly map out the walls of the room whereas the X8 maps out around any clutter or items in the room. In other words, some competing maps are prettier, but the RoboVac X8 maps out better showing anything it might bump into.

My other issue with the RoboVac X8 has to be with the price which at MSRP is $599 which isn’t cheap though in my research I’m not seeing anything with similar specs in its price range from the big names. The RoboVac X8 is also often on sale like right now on Amazon it is listed for $499 which in itself isn’t a bad deal but they also have a coupon for $120 off meaning you can pick one up for just $379 right now which in my opinion is a steal! I wouldn’t mind a similar cleaner with the same 4000 Pa suction power for pet hair and a self-emptying base just to eliminate some of the between cleaning maintenance. But beyond that, the RoboVac X8 from eufy has been a great experience so far.


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