It’s funny how we spend sometimes thousands of dollars on our PCs and peripherals but at the end of the day don’t give much thought to our actual desk setups. I bet a lot of you are using the same desk that you used years ago, I know I did. But a few years ago I started thinking about options for new desks and frankly there really aren’t that many out there. Sure you can pick up the cheap desks at your local discount store, but is there anything out there that’s better. Are there any options focused on gamers? Well if you search around you will find a few options that are “gamer” focused, but none were very good. So when I saw the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk online it caught my eye. They didn’t just add colors and call it a gaming product, it actually has a cloth mouse surface over the entire top of the desk. With all of the people buying large desk pads and putting them under their keyboard and mouse, the Arena seemed like an extension of that so I reached out to Arozzi to take a closer look.

Product Name: Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Review Sample Provided by: Arozzi

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

Amazon Link: HERE


Table Surface Microfiber cloth mousepad with no-slip underside and stitched edges
Surface Thickness Mousepad .2 in (5mm)
Table .8 in (2cm)
Surface area 14 sq ft (1.3 sq m)
Width 63 in (160cm)
Depth Shortest Point
27.9 in (71 cm)

Widest Point
32.3 in (82cm)
Adjustable height 27.9 – 31.9 in (71 – 81 cm)
Distance between legs 48 in (122cm)
Weight Gross: 85.5 lbs
Net: 119.9 lbs
Warranty 2 year Limited Warranty


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