When case modding was getting started everyone who wanted to light up their PC turned to cold cathodes for lighting. Things progressed and we later saw LEDs starting in plastic pucks and then later on strips becoming popular. While I don’t use lighting in every build, I have used them in a few. A few years ago we even took a look at lighting options from Bit Fenix. At the time they were still a relatively new company and they were starting to expand their product lines. Well a few years later Bit Fenix reached out, excited to show off the latest version of their LED lighting, the Alchemy 2.0. This time around they dropped the adhesive and went with magnets to keep the lighting in place. Considering how much we liked their first kits, I couldn’t turn down taking a look at the new design. So today I’m going to take a quick look and find out what they are all about. 

Product Name: Bit Fenix Alchemy 2.0 Magnetic LED Strips

Review Sample Provided by: Bit Fenix

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

Amazon Link: HERE


Available LED Colors Red, Green, Blue, Purple, White
Magnets Black Sintered NdFeB Permanent Magnets
LED Type 5050 TriBright™ SMD
Lumen 60
Color Rendering Index ~80
Angle 120°
Voltage (v) 12
Flex PCB Quality 1oz copper
Protective cover High-Clarity Polyurethane
Power Cable Length 50cm - 20" - daisy-chainable
LED Strip Width 10mm - 0.4"
LED Strip Thickness 2mm - 0.08"


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Today I take a quick look at Bit Fenix's new lighting kits

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