So when it comes to office chairs, just a few years ago most of your options were going to be just what you might find in an office supply store, electronics store, or a department store. None of them were built for the extended use that you might put an office chair when gaming or even just working at your PC day to day. Today though there are more options than you could possibly consider, all in the gaming chair market. I’ve had the chance to check out a few different options over the years. Recently I took a look at Arozzi’s new Arena desk and when they sent that they also sent one of their chairs, the Mezzo. So now that we have been using the chair off and on over the past month or so I can finally “sit down” and talk a little more about it and see how it fits into the market.

Product Name: Arozzi Mezzo

Review Sample Provided by: Arozzi

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

Amazon Link: HERE


Color Options Blue, Green, Black, Orange, Red, White, and Yellow
Adjustable seat height 17.9-20.6 inches
Chair height 53.7-56.5 inches
Seat inner width 13.7"
Seat depth 21.2"
Backrest height 35.8"
Weight Capacity 290 lbs.
Gross Weight 59.5 lbs.
Gas Lift Class-4


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Chairs! Took a look at the Mezzo from Arozzi

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