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Overall I really liked the Game Capture HD from AverMedia.  As my first foray into capture devices, this one certainly made it simple. The fact that the device does not need a computer to run at all is a huge plus. This means you can take the device with you anywhere and record relatively easy. It was incredibly easy to set it up and get it working with the help of the user manual. Once set up the device was also very easy to manage, videos were recorded seamlessly, screenshots have never been easier with the ability to take screenshots from the playback feature, and file management was awesome with the ability built in to transfer from Sata to USB. I had a couple of minor issues with the device, but nothing that made me cringe. The first complaint I had was the buttons on the remote felt much too small. I realize this is a personal opinion, and that the buttons may be fine for most people, but I feel that for anyone with big fingers like me, the remote could be bothersome at times. The other issue I had was the lack of HDMI support. It’s not just that the device didn’t support HDMI, but also that other similar devices in the same price range DO support HDMI. With that being said, there was only a small difference in the quality of the video and it’s nothing to write home about. The Game Capture HD from AverMedia is a wonderful device and I look forward to making my life much easier in future reviews.

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