Prior to receiving the review sample from AverMedia I looked the product up on their website to see what to expect. The first that struck me about the packaging was twofold, it was much larger than I had expected, but also much lighter.

Game Capture_HD_88

The package is much larger than expected because the device was settled into a smaller more secure package that fit snugly inside the larger outer box. This seems to be so that the device, which is much lighter than I expected for a capture device, is not moving around too much seeing as how it has working parts inside. All the cables and wires were separated in their own plastic wrap on one side, with the device itself on the other side alone. The packaging itself was simple yet efficient.

Game Capture_HD_4

One thing that is worth noting is that along with the buttons on the front of the device itself for powering the machine on and off and starting and stopping recording. It also comes with a remote control for more complex access of the menu and its options as well as an easier time starting and stopping recordings, as well as taking screenshots. One minor complaint I have about the remote is that it is incredibly small, some of the buttons are tiny, and you have to look closely to see what you are hitting, and be extra careful not to fat finger two buttons at once.

Game Capture_HD_14

One thing I cannot stand with a package is digging through multiple pamphlets and ads that seem to be a waste in my product.  The Game Capture HD seemed to have an excessive amount of paper products at first glance, but upon further inspection, each piece actually contained very useful information and served a vital role. While some of the information was outdated as it seems their websites have changed since the printing of the literature, it seemed like others were put there after the product was packaged to keep the user informed on things that may have changed.

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