Overall and Final Verdict

The MSI MPG B760I Edge Wifi has the same styling that I saw on the full ATX Z790 Edhe Wifi and I liked the styling then as well as now. The much more compact ITX form factor does mean there is a lot less of the silver heatsinks and it does still have the black PCB which I wish was silver or white to match the heatsinks to get a great option for all-white builds. But MSI bridges the gap between the two with the combination, this board will look good in an all-white build as well as a normal darker build. Being ITX form factor cut back some of the onboard connection options but you do still get plenty of USB connections both on the rear I/O as well as for internal connections where you have USB 2.0, USB 3.2, and the 3.2 Gen 2 as well. The size also didn’t prevent MSI from packing two M.2 slots in on the board which should leave room for expansion. Beyond that, you also get the 2.5G NIC and WiFi 6E which both performed well in my testing.

I did run into a few weird layout issues caused by the compact form factor and a few were beyond what I would normally expect. There were lots of headers in hard to access or unexpected locations, the front panel connection along with multiple other headers (front panel audio and the USB 2.0)are all tucked in on the far left above the PCIe slot which will be very hard to get wires in over there. Then for the onboard audio, you get a basic I/O which I’m fine with but the specifications list the board supporting 7.1 when there aren’t rear connections to support that which could be confusing to some.

Overall though the B760I Edge Wifi has been a solid board. MSI has this DDR5 model as well as a DDR4-compatible option as well. For pricing the B760I Edge Wifi is selling for $219.99 which lines up at the same price as the Asus Strix B760-I Gaming Wifi and both boards have very similar features other than the Asus having the connections to support 7.1 where the B760I Edge Wifi doesn’t. The B760I Edge Wifi DDR4 has an MSRP of $199 and that is also priced right with other B760 ITX DDR4 options, overall MSI is on point with their pricing.


Live Pricing: HERE

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