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The packaging for the B760I Edge Wifi is much smaller but otherwise still has the same styling that I saw on the packaging for the MSI MPG Z790 Edge WiFi DDR4 that I took a look at back in February. The entire box is white and uses light grey lines for its styling including the MPG logo in the background. It does have the MSI Gaming Dragon logo but it is small and up in the corner and the normal MSI logo isn’t on the front at all. The model name itself is one of the only things on the front which makes it easy to spot along with a blue stripe showing that this is an Intel motherboard below the model name. The white and grey is around on the back as well, but the back does at least have a picture of the board which shows the rear I/O and a majority of the board. Next to that, MSI has a few of the features highlighted with a badge and their name. Then down at the bottom, they have a specification list as well as a line drawing that breaks down the entire rear I/O.

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When you open things up the board sits in a cardboard tray and is wrapped in a static protective bag. The cardboard tray lifts up and under it, they have all of the documentation and a few accessories. You get a quick installation guide and a paper with information on the EU regulatory notices. The user manual however is only available online and the back of the box does have a QR code to help you find that quickly. You also get a set of color-coded wire labels which now they have RGB, fan, and SATA labels each with its own picture. For accessories, the B760I Edge Wifi has just the basics. You get a small baggie with the M.2 screws and a single SATA cable. There is a rainbow RGB LED extension cable and then the wireless antennas. For the antennas MSI didn’t use their wired antenna, the B760I Edge Wifi gets the basic dual screw-on antennas so you can’t mount them up away from your PC for a better signal.

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