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Well with testing out of the way and having taken a look at the new K95 RGB Platinum XT. Beyond knowing the name is too long after typing it so many times, I have learned a few things about Corsairs' latest flagship keyboard. For starters, most of it is the same as the previous model. This isn’t a bad thing, the K95 RGB Platinum is extremely popular. Corsair did, however, make a few significant improvements. For starters, on the software side of things they have integrated the 6 G keys on the left side of the keyboard with their purchase of Elgato so both the G keys can work in the Stream Deck software. If you already use a Stream Deck this can get a few often used functions in closer reach and if you don’t have a Stream Deck you can now experience what it is all about, without the badass OLED screens in the keys though. I feel like this will lead to a keyboard soon with 6 actual Stream Deck keys on it which I would welcome.

They also replaced all of the keycaps with new double shot PBT keycaps. I talk a lot about it in the features section, but the change in plastic and construction understates how big this is for overall quality and key feel. They also went with a thicker design which is a lot like enthusiast designs. They didn’t, however, get rid of the non-standard bottom row though which is a shame. But I do like having Corsair listen more closely to the enthusiast community. I hope these PBT double-shot caps also end up on some of their other models later as well. The new wrist rest is a nice change as well, the old one with its hard rubber wasn’t nearly as comfortable. I also like the metal volume control scroll wheel and media keys that go with it.

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I did still have a few complaints. The biggest was a software issue which either wasn’t very clear and I am missing how to turn it off or there isn’t any way to turn off the overlay that the Stream Deck software adds to show you what each key does. I would like to have the option to turn this off and maybe just a way to push a button to show it but to not run it all of the time. Either way that is an issue that I hope will receive a fix later. **Corsair did let me know that you can right click on the tray icon to turn the action bar off** Now the non-standard bottom row that I already mentioned won’t be an easy fix. I’m also still not a huge fan of the off-road like texture used on the spacebar and all of the G keys (or the extra keycaps they give you).

Overall the XT has some nice additions to Corsairs Flagship K95 design which is good because this is a popular keyboard that I see people with often on Reddit. Just having the software integrate with all of the lighting in your case with your new fancy Corsair LED fans is nice. Especially now with the announcement that iCue will also control Asus lighting. The new additions like the PBT keycaps and the softer wrist rest make this a better keyboard. The Stream Deck software integration is what tips things though, no one else can do that and for aspiring streamers, it may be the main selling point. Of course, you are spending a pretty penny on the K95 RGB Platinum XT. With an MSRP of $199.99 this is an expensive keyboard, but considering how popular the previous model was at the same price at least the new additions add a little more value to that purchase. Though next year I’m hoping the K95 RGB Diamond XT Ultra considers adding real Stream Deck keys with a full standard layout.


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