So the packaging for the K95 RGB Platinum XT did change up some and I like the change. The box is no longer a black box with a slide-on cover with all of the artwork on it. Corsair went with a thicker box that the top pulls off. The front has a large photo of the keyboard with the wrist rest on the cover along with having the RGB lighting on. The rest of the front has a black background which is interesting given Corsairs' love for yellow. The branding is in the top left corner and isn’t as large as they could have gone leaving the model name in the top right corner to be the biggest font on the front. I think they could have still gone a little larger, but it did leave room for the words Mechanical Gaming Keyboard to the right of it. This being the US English version is on the bottom left corner with a sticker and then in the bottom right they highlight the iCue software support and they use a sticker to show that this specific sample comes with the genuine Cherry MX RGB Speed switches. I think this could also be a little larger and better show which switch is inside.

image 1

Around on the back, there is another picture of the keyboard, basically, the same one that was on the front, not a different angle or anything. Corsair lists off a few features and repeats them across four languages to take up most of the rest of the back. There is also a small photo that shows the 6 G keys on the left side of the keyboard with a note about the Elgato stream deck software integration.

image 2

Inside the box, the keyboard comes wrapped in plastic, ours being a sample from long before launch looks like the plastic was a little-used or wrinkled, but it protects the board from getting any rub marks before you open it up. The cord is tucked up under the cardboard in the back and then up under the keyboard there is a small box with the accessories and documentation and below that the wrist rest comes wrapped in its own plastic bag as well.

image 3

The K95 RGB Platinum XT comes with a surprising amount of extra keycaps. You get three sets. One replaces your WASD for FPS players and another with QWER and D and F for league or DOTA players. Then on the left, they give you a set of blue topped keys with S1, S2, etc on them to replace the grey topped G keys that the K95 comes with. These are to tie in with the Elgato Stream Deck integration and make them stream keys rather than gaming keys. Also in that same pack is a Corsair logo key that you can use to replace something like your escape key if you want. They, of course, give you a keycap puller, but I do wish it was the nicer wire style that some keyboards come with (that cost less even). For documentation, you get a manual and then a warranty guide.

image 4

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