Now the G604 actually launched right while I was on vacation which is why I’m a little late on this launch. But it also means I didn’t get to even touch the mouse until a few days ago so I haven’t gotten my normal few weeks of testing in. But even with just a few days of use I have already experienced some highs and lows and had the chance to use the mouse for work, web browsing, and a little gaming as well. Going in I knew that the G604 wouldn’t really fit my preferred mouse shape or size. I have been preferring ambidextrous mice that are more a normal size where this is a large mouse at 130mm in length. I do have larger hands though and it did fit my hand well. The thumb buttons had my thumb dead center and the two buttons to the left of the left trigger had my index finger right in the middle as well. I did notice right away that the floating design on the bottom messed with my pinky placement. I basically tuck my pinky right where that wraps under so not only do I drag my pinky but it feels weird not having a solid spot to put it and moving my pinky up didn’t help.

image 13

I could spend a lot of time talking about the sensor performance but the HERO 16K sensor at this point is well established as being a flawless sensor with solid tracking. So I focused my time on other areas like wireless performance. I tested using the Lightspeed dongle which btw was a quick plug and play and was indistinguishable from a wired mouse.  Bluetooth was better than my original MX Master experience, but there is a noticeable difference between it and Lightspeed. Ideally, you use the dongle with your gaming PC and Bluetooth to control any other device.

The crazy number of programmable buttons also falls on deaf ears with me, I don’t play MMOs and none of the games I play require me to use more than one or two side buttons. But I can see the benefit if you need more macros quickly accessible. This is MUCH better than using 6 G keys on the far side of a keyboard for example and they are easy to reach and while stacked on top of each other are easy to distinguish as well.

As for scroll wheel testing, remember I mentioned how much I love this wheel on the G502. Nothing has changed, you get a solid metal scroll wheel which doubles as a fidget spinner when you want and it never gets really dirty. Side to side buttons work. I’m not normally one to rattle, but I did notice a little rattle in the mouse when I pick it up and shake. Holding the wheel or triggers down didn’t help with the rattle as well.

I did run into one noticeable issue in my testing that I have to point out. Even just in the few days of testing, I have already run into double click issues with the G604 which is extremely scary. The G Pro Wireless and G703 have given me this problem as well and it can lead you to insanity as it slowly gets worse but isn’t bad enough for you to want to go through the trouble of contacting Logitech. Thankfully in my past experiences, they have been amazing and quick to replace when using the normal RMA process. But Logitech didn’t mention what switch they are using and I have to wonder if it is the same 50 million click switch used on the GPW.  Hopefully our sample is just a fluke, but keep an eye out on consumer reviews to be sure.


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