Huge blue letters for the product name on a grey background, the G604 has the standard Logitech gaming look for its packaging. This should help it match with everything else on a shelf and the big name on the front makes it easy to read as well. The rest of the front of the box has a picture of the mouse. They also touch on the Lightspeed wireless that powers the mouse with that up top. The back of the box has another photo of the mouse, this time top down between the two pictures you see all of the buttons and the overall shape. On the back they talk about the Hero 16K sensor, the dual wireless connection options, and all of the programmable buttons, getting right to the meat of what sets the G604 apart. Logitech also includes a full specification listing on the side of the box as well which is nice.

image 6

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Inside the box, the mouse sits in a tray with a plastic cover holding it snug. The tray has the two accessories and then the documentation was tucked in along with the tray. You get a round Logitech Gaming sticker, a warranty and safety paper, a small setup guide, and a basic Logitech Gaming advert.

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For accessories, the G604 is short a few things that you normally see with Logitech Wireless mice. In their place, you get one AA battery which is a Duracell and a USB extension cord. The extension cord is set up to sit on your desk and plug the dongle into it for a closer and improved wireless experience. But when you open everything up the Dongle isn’t visible. You will have to dig into the mouse itself to find that which I will show later. There is also no powerplay adapter or a charging cable because the G604 isn’t a standard rechargeable wireless mouse. It is what you might consider true wireless and runs off replaceable batteries.

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