Overall and Final Verdict

The G600 series mice have always stood out from the rest of Logitech’s gaming mice and the G604 is no different. Like the last two versions, you get a true wireless mouse that doesn’t require charging, instead going old school with replaceable batteries. Well, actually battery, with the new Hero 16K sensor the G604 was able to only need one double A battery to get the same extreme long life as before. You can still get top-notch gaming performance but now you can also switch to Bluetooth and conserve battery life. Logitech also went back to the roots of the G600 and G602 with the number of programmable buttons on the mouse. Including the side buttons on the scroll wheel and everything else you have 13 usable buttons with support for reprogramming scrolling up and down as well coming soon. All of that is just in time for the release of WoW Classic!

The old school G502 all-metal scroll wheel is a bonus to me as well with its easy to keep clean design and the all-metal wheel spins better than most fidget spinners IMO. Of course, the metal wheel also adds to the weight and overall this is a heavy mouse due to its size, the use of a AA battery, and because Logitech didn’t go with their endoskeleton construction. Now even in the relatively short amount of testing I have done I ran into a few issues more than I normally find on Logitech mice. For starters our sample had a bit of a rattle and it wasn’t from the scroll wheel or triggers. Given I don’t shake my mouse in real-life use this doesn’t matter at all to me. But the double-clicking issue our sample has already started to show signs of on the other hand is a big concern. Hopefully it is just our sample, but I’ve had the worst luck with any mouse that has double click issues, I always end up finding them.

My other complaint is more of a comment, what I found with the G604 is that some of the design features like the dual wireless modes, the floating feet, the shape, etc are all from the MX Master mouse series. That is actually an extremely popular mouse design and making a “gaming” version isn’t exactly a bad thing. But it does feel like the G604 is just an MX Master with a proper gaming sensor, Lightspeed wireless, and extra side buttons. This leads to issues like the gliders not being large enough.

Overall, the G604 is a great but confused mouse. It is just as weird now as it was with the G602 for Logitech to combine their “true” wireless mouse and their MMO mouse together. Two relatively niche markets (compared to something like the ultra-popular G502) don’t make a bigger market. Frankly the G604 doesn’t fit my needs at all. It is larger than I prefer, I use a powerplay mat so Logitech’s rechargeable options work well for me, and I don’t play MMOs. But I can see the market. Hopefully the durability concerns that I have, end up being nothing, but before picking a G604 up I would also check customer reviews just to make sure the double click issue isn’t prevalent. Overall this ends up being a cheaper mouse than mice like the GPW or G502 Wireless with the G604’s MSRP being just under $100. Which is the same price as the new MX Master 3, only the G604 has a proper sensor and uses Logitech’s Lightspeed Wireless tech for a wired like connection.


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