Logitech may have only added an s to the name of the G510s, but the difference is much clearer when looking at the packaging compared to the G510 that I took a look at previously. They dropped the green them all together and went with the same look that we saw with the G710+ in their “science” theming.  That means the front of the box is covered in a picture of the G510s and half of the picture is an x-rayed image of the keyboard. I love that there isn’t too much going on here other than the nearly full sized image of the keyboard and the Logitech brand.

image 1

On the flip side we have another overall shot of the G510s, but this time without the x-ray half. There are lines leading from key features to small write-ups explaining the features. Just like the front of the packaging, they kept things simple and to the point here.

image 2

Inside you will find the keyboard right on top when you open everything up. Of course they keyboard is wrapped up in plastic to protect it from any scratches. The cord is tied up and tucked away just above the keyboard. Up under it all you will also find the wrist rest and all of the paperwork. For paperwork we get a setup guide, feature guide, a safety compliance and warranty page, and a paper asking for feedback as well.

image 3

image 4


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Happy monday everyone, today we take a look at the G510s Gaming Keyboard!

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