Even years ago Logitech was an innovator and a leader with their Setpoint software. As impressive as that software was at the time, the difference between that and their Gaming Software now is amazing. I have talked about it before with other companies, what sets a top level company apart from everyone else is the software. Specifically I love seeing software that works with an entire product line and is flexible. Logitech’s gaming software picks up all of the Logitech products you are running at the time and allows you to control them all. On top of that it will have the correct picture of your keyboard/mouse/gamepad as well. This is great for a Logitech fan for example who might have multiple products sitting around or in my case I could have the G13/keyboard/mouse all hooked up at any one point. This means less programs running in the background as well.

software 1

Unlike a lot of other product these days, Logitech does still limit the customization to the macro keys on the left side of the keyboard. I would love to see this expand and let everyone setup custom macros on any key, this combined with the software’s ability to swap profiles when you get into a game it could open up the usability of all of their keyboards.  Even so, with 19 macro keys that you can program multiplied by the three on the fly swappable profiles you should have a key for any and everything. Each key can be programed to do nearly anything from standard keystrokes to mouse functions. I also love the build in Ventrilo functionality, normally you would have to bind things to unused keys in vent and then bind your closer macro keys to the unused keys.

software 2

software 7

Of course the software also supports the G510s’s LCD screen Applets. Here you can select how you want the display button to function as well as select each of the apps that you would like to be able to see. Remember you can also go out and download other screen apps from around the net as well. Even cooler is there are a LOT of games and programs that you might run every day that also support the screen on top of what Logitech has provided you.

software 3

The light bulb option down on the bottom is where you can set the color scheme for each of the three macro profiles. There is a selection of preselected colors or you can use the color wheel to get your favorite color just right.

software 4

Last but not least is the profiles page. This is where you can manage multiple profiles that you have created. This allows you to load, export, and even search through your past profiles. Even better is this is also where you can access the onboard memory on the G510s. What you can do is slide your profiles down onto your keyboard keeping them active even when you switch to another pc.

software 5

software 6


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