Both the K60 and K90 are packaged very similar. On the cover of both you have the Vengeance logo in very large letters across it. Behind the logo you have large photos of the respective keyboards showing off the red keys on the K60 and the k90’s extra programmable keys. On the left side of each you have a window giving you a peek inside at the keyboards. In the case of the K60, because it’s a shorter keyboard, you have some of its replaceable rubber keys next to the keyboard as well. Around back each of the boxes has a few nice pictures of the keyboards that show off their key features. In the case of the K60 there are pictures of the hand rest, pictures showing the inside of the hand rest for key storage, and also pictures of the key remover in use. The K90 is a little more subtle with just a picture showing its lower mounted programmable keys.

k60 5

k90 3

k60 6

k90 4

Inside each of the keyboards comes in the same tray with a plastic cover over each, the K16 that also keeps the keys in place. Inside the trays under the keyboards themselves you will find the included documentation and accessories. For the K90 that was all that came with the keyboard, but the K60 came with a wrist rest along with the four red keys we saw before.

k60 7

k60 8

k90 5

k60 9

k90 5



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A little late in the day today, but a look at Corsairs keyboard offerings. Enjoy :)

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